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The simple migrate process by use PrestaShop Migrator

The simple migrate process by use PrestaShop Migrator

One of the most critical operations which take place within an organization is data migration and any failure in this operation can turn out to be very catastrophic for the entire organization.  A research conducted by Bloor says that around 60% of the data migration operations tend to fail. However, if 60% fail then what characteristics the rest 40% possess because of which they succeed? The reason behind this success is the 7 R’s.

The 7 R’s

It does not matter whether you are Prestashop user or not, compliance with the below mentioned 7 R’s will ensure success for you.

Resilient and Robust

Manage all areas of loading, data extraction, validation, transformation, and cleansing into the target and manage data of high volumes.


Reusable means the capability to reuse the migration components in other projects include data cleansing routines, transformation functions, and error handling.


Execute effectively and take absolute advantage of the target facilities to enable processing which is very much rapid in nature.

Reconciliation and Reporting

It means the provision of progress indicators during the migration process and reconciling of the process that has been completed.

The Key Steps

Data migration can be tricky typically when it comes to PrestaShop. The steps mentioned below are the key to success for you. If you follow the below-mentioned steps in latter and spirit then there are high chances that your data migration will be successful. The steps are as follows:

1. System Exploration

The first thing to do while migrating data is to explore and identify the source systems. The best way for this identification is product descriptions, group data, customer name, and addresses. Yes, there are various fields in the source PrestaShop website however not every one of them is applicable to the target PrestaShop website. You need to identify the data which is applicable and which is required for the migration. During the initial phase, if the majority of the sources do not contain the required data for the target model then this means that a gap has been identified. With Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 free module, you just select the type of the data that you want to migrate. By these select, you can ignore the worry about redundancy or lack of the data from the source PrestaShop website. If such a scenario comes up then you need to get the data from multiple sources to develop a record with the right set of data in order to fulfill the target requirements. At the end of this stage, you will identify all the sources which are required for the target model.

2. Assessment

The next step is to access the quality of the source data in PrestaShop site. In order to assess that it is recommended that you should go for data profiling.  Data profiling is the procedure of systematically analyzing and scanning the contents of every column in the tables of interest.  Profiling helps in the identification of data defects in the column level and at the table.  Data profiling is very critical as far as data compliance and conformity is concerned.  The three major advantages of data profiling are:

  • Through data profiling, you can quickly identify whether your data is compatible with your business purpose
  • Through profiling, you can perfectly plan the strategy of integration
  • Finally, it helps in the successful integration of the source data

3. Design

The next thing which you need to do is to go for the migration design.  During this phase, you need to define the design and technical architecture of the migration process.  Moreover, you will also define the process of testing.  During this stage, it is necessary that you put your plans for next 4 steps on a piece of paper.  The plan will include your technical details, your timelines, and any other concerns. The point is that the entire project needs to be documented.

4. Migration

Do not go for a just enough development approach as far as your data migration is concerned.  first of all, you need to subset the data and test one category at a time.  In case your project is large then in such a scenario you can test and develop each category in parallel.  In order to ensure data cleansing routines, mappings and transformations, begin by checking each component individually in subsets which are small.   Finally, enhance the data volumes and link all the components together into a migration job which is single.

5. Execution

Now it is the time to run the migration. In order to execute the migration, the website URL of source PrestaShop website should be available while migrating the data so please don’t delete or remove your current site before completing the migration. Data synchronization technology is also required to catch any changes that may take place during the initial load.
Your current theme and modules can NOT be migrated, the new site should use another theme which is compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop.
When you use Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7, you can choose a part or all of the data on the source to migrate to the target PrestaShop website. It’s great, right?

6. Transition

Once the data has been migrated you need to decide when to transfer it to the new system.  During the execution stage, logs and audit trails are developed to ensure that all data has been migrated correctly.  After reviewing the logs and the audit trails, you can make the decision regarding the transition of the users to the new system.

7. Production

A systematic retirement policy is developed to address the system which is old.  Since not all the source systems will be retired hence there are high chances that data quality problems may be identified and may also require rectifying.  You also need to monitor the data quality and ongoing improvements to the new system.


PrestaShop 1.7 and Menu Addition module

PrestaShop 1.7 and Menu Addition module

You must be all aware about PrestaShop 1.7 and how to add a category in it. In this article we will try to discuss how we can actually add categories in the website’s main menu. For your learning we will try to display categories in drop down by utilizing the default Main Menu Module.

As a first step you need to login in the admin panel. Once logged in you need to navigate in the Sell section for:

“Catalog -> Categories”

You can see that here we have 2 different categories i.e. New Category and Women. The frontend is displaying only the Women Category.

Naturally now we will add the New category which is also home to a subcategory in our drop-down menuAll of our actions will take place in the PrestaShop Mega Menu module of PrestaShop (Default). Hence we need to search it in the Improve Section:

“Modules -> Modules & Services -> Installed Modules”

For easy finding it is recommended that you should utilize search

In order to set up the module for Menu you need to select the Configure Option

Here we can easily find both the available items as well as the selected items. You need to select your New Category in this list and once selected; click on the Add Button. Once clicked, the item will be added in the left field.  You can make use of the position buttons for the specification of the item’s position.

There may arise a situation in which you may want to delete an item which you think is not necessary. Getting the item removed from the Menu involves no rocket science at all rather you just need to click the Remove Button.  Keep saving the changes!

The New Category will automatically get displayed in the Drop down Menu.  So far everything looks great:

If you want to add CMS categories in the drop down then for this you need to first of all create a CMS category by yourself.  Follow this in the section of Improve:

Design -> Pages

For creating the category click Add New CMS Category

It is mandatory that you should fill all the important fields. The URL field which is friendly gets completed automatically as per the name of your category.

Once this is done you need to develop the CMS Page (new) in the category. This task is very easy and all you need to do is to click the relevant button which is “new CMS page button”. Fill the required fields after clicking this button


The displayed status needs to be changed to yes. This is important for the visibility of the page. Click on the Save Button and the new category will be added in the drop down menu.

All is done now. It is preferable that you should audit on the changes that have been applied as far as the frontend is concerned.  You can add as much items you need to and modify the menu (drop down) as per your desire.

Just Do It

If you are new to PrestaShop then the above mentioned process may be difficult for you in the beginning. However you do not need to worry as the first step is always difficult. You can follow the pictures above and we hope that you will be successful!










5 reasons to Increase Sales with Live Chat Software

5 reasons to Increase Sales with Live Chat Software

There are many live chat programs that you can get on the PrestaShop website. Each and every program is different in some way or the other and each claims to be the best in the business. However, that is not something that matters to your customer as they just want to get the best product or services. Live chat can be converted into profitable sales if the right techniques and methods are used. You cannot just get away by adding a live chat button on your website and do nothing else. There are many things that you should do in order to make the most of live chat software.


The Best reasons

Live chats are considered to be a great sales opportunity that is why below you will find 5 of the best things about live chat software and why they are beneficial.

1.      Convenience

When you are a business owner then you need to care about the customers at all times. You should know what methods are convenient for the customers and use only those methods. Live chats fall into the same category as they provide the customers an easier way to communicate with your service. With the help of live chats, the customers are able to ask their questions directly to a representative. In this way the customers are able to get immediate answers to their problems.

High-quality live chat software programs have a lot more useful features. These include features like sound and visual alerts about new messages. Some programs even educate you about the customer’s interest through machine learning so that you are able to help the customer much easily.

2.      Immediate Solutions

The reason why most PrestaShop owner prefer using live chat boxes to solve their problems is the fact that they provide a quick way to do things. With the help of these PrestaShop chat programs, people are able to ask their questions in real time and get solutions for those problems very easily. Live chat PrestaShop are able to save a lot of time because otherwise you would be spending that time to send emails to the website and wait for the reply.

However, with the help of live chat boxes customers able to get immediate answers to their questions which is far more convenient.

3.      Sale Opportunities

Other than being used for just answer questions for customers and consumers, live chat boxes can also be used to increase sales. Most people do not use live chat boxes up to their full potentials, however the truth is that these programs are highly useful to increase sales.

You can use PrestaShop slider to show your special products or discounts, It can make a chance to sale opportunities.

This is because if you hire a professional sales rep then they can easily use these chat boxes to increase your sales by promoting products and discounts. A good sales rep will be able to tell customers about the latest and greatest deals in real time and compel the customers to go and buy some of the best things that you have to offer.

4.      Confidence Booster

Live chat boxes can also boost the customer’s confidence in the product that they are willing to buy. If these chat boxes did not exist then the customer’s would not have a proper way to persuade themselves to buy a certain product and they might end up leaving that product. So, if you use the chat boxes properly then you can accomplish much more.

Besides, you should start a blogging. In a blog content, let’s show the best feature with some image. It is the other way tho confidence booster.

5.      Improve Overall Business

Considering the potential of live chat software, it is safe to say that these programs can easily change and improve your business. These boxes can increase sales, inform customers about the latest products and much more, all this is important to improve business.


These were 5 of the most important benefits of live chat programs that you should know. Each and every website should use live chat boxes if it can improve the business.


Tips To Start A Blog

Tips To Start A Blog

BesidesStarting a blog is not as complicated as many people think it is. It is true that coming up with an idea for a blog requires a bit of thought, but even then it is not something that is impossible. All you need to do is follow some simple steps that will help you build your blog step by step. Blogging is not a very difficult task but it can become more difficult if you do not take it seriously. If you fail to follow the steps then it will be very difficult for you to blog in the future. Below you will find all the important steps that you need to know and need to follow to start blogging.

The Tips

Following are the tips that you need to know before starting a blog:

1.      Domain and Hosting

Before you can start to think about what your next blog is going to be about, it is first important to get a domain. For this you can visit any reliable domain website and register a suitable domain for your website. There are many hosting providers than you can use for this purpose and one of them is Bluehost. This is because there are many advantages that come with it, for one you do not need to setup WordPress as it does it all for you.

2.      Theme

Choosing the perfect them is the next step. A theme gives your blog a more appealing look and feel which will help to attract readers. By using a theme you can make sure that your blog looks exactly the way you want it to look. Themes are more helpful especially if you are not a coder, if you are just a beginner then you can choose to get free themes and get the job done and then you can choose to move to paid versions

Besides choosing a perfect theme, you can choice a PrestaShop slider module, it can helps you make a professional website.

Themes normally have two parts, one is the framework and the other is the child theme. If you are using PrestaShop then you can find many theme frameworks, however, one of the best ones is Genesis. With the help of Genesis you can have a strong framework for you blog. After this you can move on to the beauty of your blog and you customize it according to your own liking.

3.      Modifications

After you have acquired your domain, hosting and theme then don’t think that the job is done because there are much to be done. You now need to start making some modifications and tweaks to the theme so that you can have exactly what you want. After are done with the modifications then you can setup Freeburner account so that people who visit your blog can easily subscribe to your blog. Google Analytics is a helpful tool in this regard as you can track your stats.

4.      Plugins

Choosing the right plugins is totally up to you and you alone need to decide what you need and what you don’t. If you are using PrestaShop then you will certainly need the Google Analytics plugin because it will help you with the stats. You can also choose to use include Facebook and Twitter share button plugins so that your users can easily share your blogs among their friends.

Installing plugins is not a difficult task especially when you are working with PrestaShop. However, deciding the most useful plugins is difficult. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that you do not over populate your blog with too many plugins because that will make your blog lose its essence.

The best choice for your PrestaShop site is PrestaShop Blog – the module is integrated Google Analytics plugin, Facebook, Twitter share… With only this module, you can create the pro blog post.

5.      Phenomenal Content

Blogs are all about the content that is why the future of your blog depends on the quality of the content that you upload. However, first you need to start with content for the webpages like About Page, Contact Page, Home Page and more. The content on these pages needs to be absolutely prolific because it will be used to attract readers.

To start with content for the webpages, you can take some minutes to research:”PrestaShop: A Basic Guide to Editing of Home Page Content!

After this you need to start thinking about the topics then you need to write about and educate people about. Make sure that everything that you write is immersive and encaptivating so that readers enjoy reading it.


These were some of the most important tips that you need to know about starting a blog.

The PrestaShop Slider Module

The PrestaShop Slider Module

The Slider Module

The PrestaShop slider module is home to more than 100 pre-made 3D, 2D and CSS3/HTML5 animation effects.  The module has unlimited colors with more than 500 fonts. The slider Pro without doubt is the best visual drop and drag slideshow developer module currently available in the market.

The Unique qualities

Slider Pro is home to some exceptional qualities. These qualities actually define what the product can actually do for you. The qualities have been discussed in the headings mentioned below

1.      Beautiful design

The Slider Pro is home to both modern and stunning designs. Your website becomes highly attractive after the utilization of slider Pro. While using this application you can add more than 100 pre made 2D and 3D HTML5 effects pertaining to slide transition in your slider. It is surely one of the most powerful PrestaShop slider modules currently available in the market.

The Slider Pro also contains more than 500 Google fonts; you can select the font as per your choice. The font gets added into the slider by a mere click by you. The good thing is that no coding is required. The Slider Pro is also home to numerous color combinations.

2.      The best Layered Slider Module

All the elements that can be seen on the Slider Pro are represented in the form of a layer. This representation actually allows you to develop numerous kinds of stunning and interactive sliders.

3.      Ease of Use

The backend interface of Slider Pro is designed in such a way that anybody can use it without much of a difficulty. The backend is so easy to use that even without reading the guidelines you can operate it with ease.  The backend has been developed by Ajax and jQuery which facilitate you to quickly develop a wonderful slider just by dropping and dragging elements into your desired positions.

4.      A Responsive Slider

The Slider Pro is highly responsive when it comes to end-user screen. The screen can be of any size and type.  The mobile view has been so carefully crafted that your customer can see the entire slider with ease even if the screen is too small. The feature is not there in other available PrestaShop modules.

5.      Performance

Slider Pro has been optimized in such a way that it is well ensured that it can be loaded promptly when one of your clients arrives on site homepage.  The development of Slider Pro is done by advanced technology which helps in its smooth operation both on backend as well as the front end; it does not matter even if your slider is complex.

6.      Import and Export!

All of the slider content can be exported and imported through a single click. The import and export feature actually helps you in the development of your slider backup. The feature helps you in the effective transferring of content from one webpage to another. Through this feature you can also get the slider integrated with software (3rd party).

7.      A Flexible Module

The Slider Pro can be integrated in all kinds of PrestaShop websites.  It does not matter whether the given website use a custom theme or not. Due support is also given to Custom CSS usage. The default features can be extended since Slider Pro has been coded perfectly.

8.      Multi-Media

The Slider Pro offers a HTML layer (custom) which means that you can utilize any kind of content on the PrestaShop Slider.  Common example of this content is Google maps, photos, audios and videos.  The multimedia content enhances the attractiveness of the slider.

9.      SEO

The front end of the Slider Pro is well optimized and is equipped with all the modern day SEO standards. Such a wonderful SEO helps you in reaching the top rank pertaining to your website in the search engine.

10. Languages

The Slider Pro is compatible with all the languages. The application even supports RTL languages such as Syriac, Arabic and Hebrew.  On the RTL layout both the backend and frontend content can be displayed. Switching between LTR and RTL is also possible.

The Main Features

Now looks at some of the major features which Slider Pro offers to you:

  • slider dimensions (Custom)
  • drag & drop slider module
  • easy export and import of slider data
  • multi layered application
  • custom color choices are many
  • the home page slider is responsive
  • The RTL layout is well supported

A Perfect offering for your customers

If you want your major services and products to stand out then it is recommended that you should go for Slider Pro.  The application will attract the customers towards your webpage.  A customer will only stay on your webpage if he or she finds it stunning and dynamic. Subsequently if customers spend more time on your website then chances are that they will become long term and trusted clients.

PrestaShop: The way forward for your online business

PrestaShop: The way forward for your online business


The concept of E-commerce is on the rise nowadays and every company whether new or old is taking its online presence very seriously nowadays. With internet it is very hard for any business to simply ignore its online presence. In fact some of the most popular companies like Amazon and Alibaba etc are making major chunk of the revenues simply through their online presence.

Advantages of Online Business

Now let’s just quickly discuss some of the major advantages of E-commerce. The advantages are as follows

  • Online business provides you global access
  • The client service gets improved due to higher amount of flexibility
  • The majority of costs get saved
  • The delivery of the service or product gets faster
  • The overall proficiency of the business gets improved

What is PrestaShop?

If you are looking for an open source E-commerce platform which is feature rich then you should immediately get your hands on PrestaShop. The software will actually assist you in running stores in Cloud.

According to one statistic the PrestaShop application is being utilized by around 250,000 shops that exist around the world. The beauty of the software lies in the fact that it is available in around 65 different languages that are spoken in different regions of the world.

Why PrestaShop?

One may ask that why PrestaShop is the most preferable option? Well there are several reasons which make PrestaShop as the best E-commerce Solution that currently exists in the market. Some of the reasons have been discussed in the headings below

1.      Simple to Use

PrestaShop is any easy to use E-commerce Platform when compared with some of its counter parts. PrestaShop is very easy to install and no hard and fast technical skills are required in this regard. You can download the application via a 1-click installer. The installation process is quick and resource consumption is less.

2.      Templates and Themes

The options pertaining to themes and templates are numerous in PrestaShop. There are several storefront enhancements which are offered by PrestaShop. These enhancements can really improve your store’s Front-End design. Similarly the application is home to unlimited extensions as well such as search engine optimization, responsive templates and advanced modules.

3.      Features and Additions

Though PrestaShop is home to some wonderful built-in features like supply management, product management and shipping management; you will be pleased to know that the application allows you to add new features as well which are multifunctional in nature. This addition of features can be achieved through extensions, add-ons or even modules.

4.      Mobile Compatibility

The mobile friendliness of PrestaShop is very high and with it you can establish robust contacts with your clients regardless of their destination. PrestaShop’s default template comes along with a shopping cart which is mobile optimized. This shopping cart results in smooth functionality of your store in mobile devices.

5.      Customization and Simplicity

Customization is something which can be done in PrestaShop; the good news is that this customization can be done with ease and simplicity. Though in case of E-commerce Store this customization may require some technical skills however still it is not something which is rocket science. You can take assistance from a PrestaShop store in this regard.

6.      Management (Back End)

There is no shortage of tools in PrestaShop. These tools can really assist you in making high profits through your business. The back-end management feature of PrestaShop can serve as a great help in this regard.

You can also install Prestashop abandoned cart reminder module to save all lost shopping carts that customer left on your website and boost your sales by 50%!!

The back-end management feature can be easily integrated with all the critical carriers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx.  Similarly the PrestaShop’s backend dashboard is also not short of tools necessary for optimum store management.

7.      Flexibility

If you are looking for a flexible E-commerce Platform then there is no better option for you except PrestaShop. This high flexibility is the reason why today this application is utilized in more than 150 different countries of the world. As stated already this platform is available in 65 languages of the world.

8.      The Gateway Options

Multiple Gateway Options for your online store are available in PrestaShop. These multiple Gateway Options become a possibility due to the presence of multiple payment integration features in PrestaShop. Using the feature will help you in integrating countless payment gateways.

9.      Documentation and Support

Valuable documentation as well as support can be enjoyed by you in PrestaShop. You do not need to explore the required support and documentation from anywhere rather you can simply go to the website of PrestaShop and avail the support/documentation which you need. The documentation and support include things like information pertaining to different settings, features and functions.

10. No Charges

PrestaShop is free of cost and does not have any kind of hidden charges attached with it. You simply need to download the application and once downloaded, simply install it on your account (web hosting). Do not waste your valuable time, and quickly install PrestaShop to make your online presence fruitful and profitable!

11. Live Chat module

Are you looking for a chat module that brings greatest chatting experience for both you and your customers, works smoothly on any devices, require minimum your service resource along with provides all necessary features to help you completely handle the chat and you can completely trust on it? Dreaming Live Chat – Prestashop chat module is an advanced module that will surely meet your requirements

PrestaShop: A Basic Guide to Editing of Home Page Content!

PrestaShop: A Basic Guide to Editing of Home Page Content!

What is Homepage?

The homepage content of a webpage is something which cannot be ignored. As they say “first impression is the last impression” well in case of your website if you want to create a favorable perception in the mind of the customers then give due focus to your home page content.

The homepage is basically the introductory page of your website. This is the page which contains basic information pertaining to your company in the form of table of contents. Your home page content should be impressive and it should cover all the aspects which actually force the customer to stay on your page.

1. Importance of Homepage

The home page of your website actually reinforces values pertaining to dialogue interactivity, quality and visually attractive effects. The homepage of the website actually encourages thinking and lets the customer make choices which are healthy.

2. Main Aspects of a Good Homepage

There are various aspects which a homepage should cover. Some of these aspects have been discussed in the points below

  • Your website homepage should reflect the overall image of the corporate and the work values which you see as core. The content should be of high quality so that the page visitors may find it significant
  • Before you actually insert the homepage template or develop the homepage content; it is necessary that you pose some valuable questions before going ahead. The questions may include things like what does your company want to establish through the creation of the webpage etc.
  • Some elements of a professional homepage are: navigation links, content, logo and tools. The links and the content should be relevant, the logo should depict the brand image and the navigation should assist in easy browsing.
  • Keep the homepage simple and easy. Do not overload it with excessive information
  • The overall page design should be professional and the visitors should find it easy and attractive

How to edit the Homepage Content in PrestaShop

PrestaShop is the most commonly used E-commerce Platform nowadays. As a business person, beside Editing the FrontPage you need to come up with constant changes. As a professional business person you need to make relevant changes in your homepage as per need. In case of PrestaShop you can follow the mentioned steps to make the necessary changes

1. Correct Module

If you want to modify the contents and text shown at your homepage’s central area then for this you simply need to get the additional module activated. Log in to the admin backend of your store and steer to modules > modules.

After getting located in the homepage of the module you have 2 options available. Either you can type the name of the concrete module inside the search box or you can search out the module by going into the “Frond Office Modules Category”.

After locating the module, click on the link of configuration located under the module description. Once clicked, you will get redirected (to the interface). To install the module, click on the install button

2. Content Modification

You will find that the content is already loaded on the page. This particular content is equipped with default installation of the store. The content can be easily modified by altering the filed values shown in the interface.

3. The Main Title

This is the main title of the content that will be shown. The title gets displayed in the h1 tag.

4. The Subtitle

As the name indicates, it is the subheading of the content.

5. Introduction

This is the text which will be witnessed by the visitors of your webpage.

6. Logo

This is the image which is shown over the text written in your Homepage.

7. Logo Link

It is actually the link which this image will be utilizing at the time it is clicked.

8. Logo Subheading

It is the subtitle that can be noticed by you under the image that has been uploaded


This is the way through which you actually alter the content of your homepage through PrestaShop. You can easily follow this tutorial and take the necessary steps. The steps are easy to follow hence do not worry at all.

PrestaShop 1.6.x: Editing the Front Page!

PrestaShop 1.6.x: Editing the Front Page!

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is more of an E-commerce shopping cart Software (open source) which is applicable in the ear of Web 2.0. The software has been written in PHP and is available free of cost. The software is considered as the best for all those individuals who want to indulge in Online Business.

The installation of PrestaShop is very easy as compared to some of the other E-commerce solutions that are available out there. Some technical requirements of PrestaShop are Linux, PHP5 and MySQL 5.

1.      Major Benefits

Some of the benefits which are associated with PrestaShop are as follows

  • The administration panel of this software is very flexible which means that customization can be done. The functionality of the Ecommerce store can be done with ease as per the customer need
  • Despite of slow internet service, you can easily use PrestaShop.
  • There is no shortage of Themes in PrestaShop. The themes can be modified as well
  • You can get your website hosted on the enterprise’s server. This will actually help you increase your search engine traffic
  • When you need to export your orders from your Prestashop website, you will find it’s easily to export orders Prestashop to CSV, Excel or XML using many Prestashop export modules available on Prestashop addons marketplace.
  • If you need to synchronize your website with an email marketing service such as Mailchimp,  Prestashop mailchimp integration can also be done by installing external modules without any coding knowledge.

2.      Disadvantages

Just like any other artificial product there are certain disadvantages as well which are associated with PrestaShop, some of these disadvantages have been stated in the points below

  • PrestaShop lacks when it comes to multiple user interface. This means that the software is virtually effective for only medium and small enterprises
  • The modules which are necessary for the effective functioning of the online store are pretty expensive
  • As compared to other Ecommerce platforms which are available, PrestaShop lacks in some significant features.

Despite of the mentioned disadvantages, PrestaShop is still easy to use software. If you are someone who quickly wants to begin his online shopping then PrestaShop is the ideal solution for you.

PrestaShop has already proven its worth to the market and perhaps this is the reason why it has gained high popularity in the market as compared to some other solutions out there. The layout of PrestaShop can be altered easily and overall the software is technically sophisticated, equipped with functionality which is advanced in nature.

PrestaShop 1.6.x

Just like any other software solution which is available out there, there are various versions which are available with respect to PrestaShop as well.  The PrestaShop 1.6X is also one of the versions of PrestaShop. There are many people out there who are using PrestaShop 1.6.X nowadays however the common problem which these people face is with the editing of its Front Page.

Here we will briefly explain to you some of the basic steps which you can follow in order to edit your front page in PrestaShop 1.6.x

  • The majority of the modules that exist in the homepage of your site have modules which are corresponding in nature. You can change, remove or add the text or links in the PrestaShop admin panel by getting your modules managed.
  • The category menu is home to all the categories that exist in your store. Go to Catalog > Categories tab if you want to modify categories menu.
  • Consider “Modules > Modules > “Image slider for your homepage” if you want manage the slider.
  • The products can be modified under “Catalog > Products” Tab. You need to alter the product module settings if you want to alter the number of items or products that are displayed on the home page.


Yes the information given above can be technical for you, however click the video links which we have mentioned above. These video links will serve as tutorials for you and through them you can easily learn about Front Page editing of PrestaShop 1.6.X.

If you still find things difficult then do not worry as there are many technical people out there who are experts in PrestaShop hence all you need to do is to contact these people as they will do all the hard work for you in exchange of some fee.

We hope that above discourse will serve as a rich source of information for you.

PrestaShop 1.6: How to Customize the Front Page Menu?

PrestaShop 1.6: How to Customize the Front Page Menu?

The advancement of technology has contributed to the development of Ecommerce websites. Companies today simply cannot afford to ignore their online presence. Ecommerce sites are a great source of convenience for customers as through these sites they can purchase their required product or service with ease from their desktop or smartphone.

To manage an Ecommerce site you need an Ecommerce solution as well. There are many such solutions that are available nowadays such as OsCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop etc. we will focus our discussion on PrestaShop in this article. We will try to learn about this software and will conclude this discourse by sharing with you guys its front page menu customization technique.

PrestaShop: A Brief Insight

1.      Introduction

PrestaShop is open source Ecommerce solution which was launched back in the year 2007. The purpose behind the development of this software was to facilitate the development of Ecommerce for small businesses at a cost which is affordable.

PrestaShop gets published under OSL. The language of this software is PHP. Today the software is utilized in around 250,000 shops of the globe. The software is available in around 60 different types of languages.

2.      History of PrestaShop

PrestaShop basically started as a student project back in the year 2005. The EPITECH IT School in Paris (France) is the one which has the privilege of introducing PrestaShop to the world. Initially PrestaShop was home to two languages i.e. French and English.

Just three months after its development, thirteen other languages were also added in the software. In the year 2007, PrestaShop SA was established by Bruno Lévêque and Igor Schlumberger. In the year 2012 the company made good progress and its employee force went from seventeen to hundred.

Today PrestaShop has more the 120 employees with offices in six different countries of the world

3.      Key Features

PrestaShop is home to more than 300 built in features. Most of these features are related to the management of payments, suppliers, manufactures and product listing. The web template system of PrestaShop allows you as a user to add new features and customize store themes.  Some major features of PrestaShop are as follows

  • A responsive theme is provided by PrestaShop via default. As a user you can develop or install your own themes. The themes can change the website display without making any alteration in the website content
  • The add-on modules have the ability to extend the built-in functionalities of the software. As a user you can directly install the software module within the administration panel.
  • Blog can be easily integrated to your Prestashop website, there are many blog modules for Prestashop available on Prestashop marketplace. It helps you enable a blog section for your e-commerce website where you can post articles about your products and services to valued customers.

4.      Advantages

There are many advantages which are associated with PrestaShop. Here we will list some of the major ones for you:

  • The customization PrestaShop is unique and the software can take care of any business requirement without any trouble
  • The customization of admin panel is very easy in PrestaShop
  • The number of themes in PrestaShop are plenty and the good part is that most of these themes are free of cost
  • PrestaShop is very fast install even if the internet speed is not optimum
  • Attractive user interface becomes a reality via PrestaShop
  • Online shopping cart can easily developed via PrestaShop

PrestaShop 1.6 and its customization

PrestaShop 1.6 is a popular version of PrestaShop. If you are someone who does not have any idea of PrestaShop 1.6 then changing its front page menu will be difficult for you. Just like other systems, the PrestaShop 1.6 also utilizes modules which are very much there in the online shop.

For customization what you need to know is your “Top Horizontal Menu module”. Knowing the Horizontal Menu will help you in customizing it as per you need.

1.      How to edit the Top Horizontal Menu module

  • First of all get yourself logged in PrestaShop 1.6 (administrator back office). On the left side you will find Modules Link, click it!
  • Next, click the search field; once clicked, search for the menu
  • You will notice the appearance of “Prestashop mega menu”. Finally click the button (configure) located on the right

2.      Get the Menu Customized

After the following the above steps things will become very easy for you. Now all you need to do is to add the elements which are available in the items pane. The elements should be added in the items pane which you have selected. Move the elements down and up so that they may match with your ordering requirements. This will alter the appearance of Main Menu on the Front Page.


This was just a brief highlight on how you can actually customize the Front Page Menu. If you want to learn more about the topic then consider making some more research on the internet. There must be many videos and tutorials available on the topic.