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InstantFX SiteSeal (Windows Software & FP Addin)

InstantFX SiteSeal (Windows Software & FP Addin)

Page, image and HTML source protection is an ongoing issue on the World Wide Web.  It is frustrating to many an artist, writer or developer putting long hours into the creation of their website only to find that their content is being ‘ripped off’ and ‘stolen’ by someone.  Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that in its basic HTML form anything can be ripped off a web page in just seconds.

The best that can be done to deter* a potential content thief is through protection, scripting and encrypting. Disable browser functions, implement referring domain restrictions, password pages and encrypt source code quickly and easily with InstantFX SiteSeal.

Page Protection Options :

  • Disable Right Click (Entire Document) 

  • Disable Right Click (Images Only)

  • Disable Document Select

  • Insert No Cache Meta Tags

  • Disable Printing

  • No Image Toolbar (IE)

  • Encode Links/Images

  • Stop Status Bar Text

  • Break From Frames

  • Restrict Referring Domains (JavaScript or ASP)

  • Password Protect Pages (JavaScript OR ASP)

  • Browser Only Loading. (Stop page reaping software!)

  • Page Encryption. Convert HTML and Scripts to  unreadable with your choice of 3 different types of encryption – Basic, Keyed Encryption or
    Binary Encryption.

  • Convert OBJECTS and APPLETS into externally scripted JavaScript files.


Additional Features


  • Backups : Backup Files prior to conversion in ZIP format.

  • Settings : Save Your Favourite Settings and reload them at any time.

  • Logs Files : Keep track of the changes made to files. The Log Reports can be useful to provide customers or management who may be concerned with the protection of information. 

  • Convert Back To Normal : Convert Pages back to normal for editing in just a few clicks.

  • FrontPage Support :  Launch From FrontPage 2000, 2002 or 2003 with the FrontFX SiteSeal addin!

Encryption Sample

Convert Your HTML To Unreadable Binary (or others) In Just Seconds!