PrestaShop 1.7 and Menu Addition module

You must be all aware about PrestaShop 1.7 and how to add a category in it. In this article we will try to discuss how we can actually add categories in the website’s main menu. For your learning we will try to display categories in drop down by utilizing the default Main Menu Module.

As a first step you need to login in the admin panel. Once logged in you need to navigate in the Sell section for:

“Catalog -> Categories”

You can see that here we have 2 different categories i.e. New Category and Women. The frontend is displaying only the Women Category.

Naturally now we will add the New category which is also home to a subcategory in our drop-down menuAll of our actions will take place in the PrestaShop Mega Menu module of PrestaShop (Default). Hence we need to search it in the Improve Section:

“Modules -> Modules & Services -> Installed Modules”

For easy finding it is recommended that you should utilize search

In order to set up the module for Menu you need to select the Configure Option

Here we can easily find both the available items as well as the selected items. You need to select your New Category in this list and once selected; click on the Add Button. Once clicked, the item will be added in the left field.  You can make use of the position buttons for the specification of the item’s position.

There may arise a situation in which you may want to delete an item which you think is not necessary. Getting the item removed from the Menu involves no rocket science at all rather you just need to click the Remove Button.  Keep saving the changes!

The New Category will automatically get displayed in the Drop down Menu.  So far everything looks great:

If you want to add CMS categories in the drop down then for this you need to first of all create a CMS category by yourself.  Follow this in the section of Improve:

Design -> Pages

For creating the category click Add New CMS Category

It is mandatory that you should fill all the important fields. The URL field which is friendly gets completed automatically as per the name of your category.

Once this is done you need to develop the CMS Page (new) in the category. This task is very easy and all you need to do is to click the relevant button which is “new CMS page button”. Fill the required fields after clicking this button


The displayed status needs to be changed to yes. This is important for the visibility of the page. Click on the Save Button and the new category will be added in the drop down menu.

All is done now. It is preferable that you should audit on the changes that have been applied as far as the frontend is concerned.  You can add as much items you need to and modify the menu (drop down) as per your desire.

Just Do It

If you are new to PrestaShop then the above mentioned process may be difficult for you in the beginning. However you do not need to worry as the first step is always difficult. You can follow the pictures above and we hope that you will be successful!










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