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January 6, 2020 2:33 am

The Most Effective Instagram Shopify Strategy You Can Use

If you have a Shopify store but no Instagram account, your e-commerce store might actually be lagging behind competitors. Stores who do use the power of Instagram can get through to a larger audience and therefore increase their business. Instagram has around 800 million active users each month, this says a lot about how many people you can reach out to through this social media platform. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right now, but it is not just used for posting new photos from your vacation. Instead, businesses are using it to grow their brand.

According to stats, over 70% of the businesses in the United States use Instagram. Even if you do have an Instagram account for your store, your job is just getting started. Marketing your brand on Instagram is a serious business and you are going to need a proper strategy if you want to get anywhere at all. Here you will find certain things that you need to know to create a better Instagram Shopify strategy.

Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to your Instagram Shopify strategy you need to understand who your audience is. If you want to pinpoint your target audience, you need to first look at your business from the customer’s point of view. You need to build a proper customer profile and learn more about your customers. This includes their interest, age and more.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Believe it or not, but your competitors on Instagram can be a very valuable resource. This is because if you look at your competitor’s activity you can see exactly what approaches are more rewarding and which ones aren’t. You should learn how they engage with their audience and what kind of content they are actually posting.

Profile Optimization

Your Instagram profile acts as a homepage and it makes a lasting impression on your customer. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you try to make your profile as relevant as possible. When you are building a company profile, you should use the company logo as the profile picture. The Bio only allows you to use 150 characters, so make sure that you make it count.

Be Authentic

You need to understand that Instagram is not a place to post links to your website and if you share your website link you will not leave a good impression on the user. You need to make sure that whatever you post on Instagram lets the user think that you are an authentic business who is selling the right products. It is important to gain the user’s trust if you want to succeed through Instagram.

Pick a Style

When you are posting ads on Instagram, you need to make sure that you stand out. Everyone on Instagram is positing their own ad and that is why you need to bring something different to the table. When you are creating posts for your business, you should make sure that you select when design aesthetic and style and stick to it. All of your future posts should be based on that style so that users know that this post belongs to your business.

How Frequently You Post?

You need to make sure that you find the right balance of posts on Instagram. If you start to publish too many posts you might end up annoying the user. This is not something that you want and that is why finding a balance is so important. You should also not post too little that your users forget that you even exist. You should not post more than twice a day, if you go overboard you might frustrate your user.

Tag All of Your Posts

Hashtagging is very important and you need to make sure that you are creating the right hashtags. When you are creating hashtags you should be creative and come up with something fun and engaging. You should also use existing and trending hashtags to make the most of your Instagram posts.

Link Your Instagram Feed with Your Store

You should allow your users to get to your Instagram feed through your store and this is why you need to embed it. Doing this will help your company’s influence and give the impression that your store is connected to the world. Gaining more followers on Instagram is very important and by following this step you can do just that.

December 26, 2019 8:19 am

Facebook Social Login: Pros

For a long time, registering to a website was not as easy as it is today. Even today you can find some websites that require you to register using the old fashioned way where you need to fill out a registration form. However, most websites nowadays have opted for a much faster registration method known as social login. With social login, the user can register to a website using their preferred social network provider. Some networks are bigger than others and with over 2 billion users Facebook easily takes the top spot. Social login has made lives easier for both customers and businesses. However, using Facebook social login does have a few pros and cons.

The Pros

Let’s put the disadvantages on one side for a minute and only focus on the positive aspect of using Facebook social login. One of the biggest benefits of using Facebook social login is that it is very easy. Easiness is what made social login popular in the first place and Facebook makes it even easier.

Another benefit is that Facebook social login eliminates password failure. According to stats, over 90% of users don’t bother resetting their login information if they lose their password. Instead, they choose to abandon the website. However, people don’t forget their Facebook credentials and therefore they will always be able to come back to your website.

Using the Facebook social login will give the user a sense of assurance and they will be more comfortable using our eCommerce website. People generally become cautious when an unknown website asks them for information, but seeing Facebook will calm them.

Filling out a registration form on a smartphone is not an easy ride and therefore people won’t bother doing it. What this means is that you will be using potential customers just because of a registration form. So using Facebook social login is what you need to do. Since Facebook is already logged in on your phone, registering to a website becomes a one-click process.

One of the main reasons why you need to use Facebook social login is that it is one of the most used social login option out there. Facebook has the most useful in the world and therefore more people will be comfortable using their Facebook account to login to your website. It is estimated that more than 50% of global users prefer using Facebook over other social network providers.

For an eCommerce store, cart abandonment is a huge problem. What this means is that people surf through the online store and add their favorite items to the cart. However, they opt-out of making the purchase when the website asks them to register. However, Facebook social login reduces the number of cart abandonments because registering using Facebook is quite simple.

The profile data that you get access to through Facebook social login is priceless. This is the kind of information that you can use to make sure that you give the user the best possible experience. Facebook profile information is also up to date and that is you will have the latest information regarding that particular user.

Facebook social login also offers a better opportunity for your users to share the things that they like on your website. If your users start to share the products or services that they like, then it will help generate more traffic to your website.

June 30, 2018 4:00 am

The simple migrate process by use PrestaShop Migrator

One of the most critical operations which take place within an organization is data migration and any failure in this operation can turn out to be very catastrophic for the entire organization.  A research conducted by Bloor says that around 60% of the data migration operations tend to fail. However, if 60% fail then what characteristics the rest 40% possess because of which they succeed? The reason behind this success is the 7 R’s.

The 7 R’s

It does not matter whether you are Prestashop user or not, compliance with the below mentioned 7 R’s will ensure success for you.

Resilient and Robust

Manage all areas of loading, data extraction, validation, transformation, and cleansing into the target and manage data of high volumes.


Reusable means the capability to reuse the migration components in other projects include data cleansing routines, transformation functions, and error handling.


Execute effectively and take absolute advantage of the target facilities to enable processing which is very much rapid in nature.

Reconciliation and Reporting

It means the provision of progress indicators during the migration process and reconciling of the process that has been completed.

The Key Steps

Data migration can be tricky typically when it comes to PrestaShop. The steps mentioned below are the key to success for you. If you follow the below-mentioned steps in latter and spirit then there are high chances that your data migration will be successful. The steps are as follows:

1. System Exploration

The first thing to do while migrating data is to explore and identify the source systems. The best way for this identification is product descriptions, group data, customer name, and addresses. Yes, there are various fields in the source PrestaShop website however not every one of them is applicable to the target PrestaShop website. You need to identify the data which is applicable and which is required for the migration. During the initial phase, if the majority of the sources do not contain the required data for the target model then this means that a gap has been identified. With Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 free module, you just select the type of the data that you want to migrate. By these select, you can ignore the worry about redundancy or lack of the data from the source PrestaShop website. If such a scenario comes up then you need to get the data from multiple sources to develop a record with the right set of data in order to fulfill the target requirements. At the end of this stage, you will identify all the sources which are required for the target model.

2. Assessment

The next step is to access the quality of the source data in PrestaShop site. In order to assess that it is recommended that you should go for data profiling.  Data profiling is the procedure of systematically analyzing and scanning the contents of every column in the tables of interest.  Profiling helps in the identification of data defects in the column level and at the table.  Data profiling is very critical as far as data compliance and conformity is concerned.  The three major advantages of data profiling are:

  • Through data profiling, you can quickly identify whether your data is compatible with your business purpose
  • Through profiling, you can perfectly plan the strategy of integration
  • Finally, it helps in the successful integration of the source data

3. Design

The next thing which you need to do is to go for the migration design.  During this phase, you need to define the design and technical architecture of the migration process.  Moreover, you will also define the process of testing.  During this stage, it is necessary that you put your plans for next 4 steps on a piece of paper.  The plan will include your technical details, your timelines, and any other concerns. The point is that the entire project needs to be documented.

4. Migration

Do not go for a just enough development approach as far as your data migration is concerned.  first of all, you need to subset the data and test one category at a time.  In case your project is large then in such a scenario you can test and develop each category in parallel.  In order to ensure data cleansing routines, mappings and transformations, begin by checking each component individually in subsets which are small.   Finally, enhance the data volumes and link all the components together into a migration job which is single.

5. Execution

Now it is the time to run the migration. In order to execute the migration, the website URL of source PrestaShop website should be available while migrating the data so please don’t delete or remove your current site before completing the migration. Data synchronization technology is also required to catch any changes that may take place during the initial load.
Your current theme and modules can NOT be migrated, the new site should use another theme which is compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop.
When you use Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7, you can choose a part or all of the data on the source to migrate to the target PrestaShop website. It’s great, right?

6. Transition

Once the data has been migrated you need to decide when to transfer it to the new system.  During the execution stage, logs and audit trails are developed to ensure that all data has been migrated correctly.  After reviewing the logs and the audit trails, you can make the decision regarding the transition of the users to the new system.

7. Production

A systematic retirement policy is developed to address the system which is old.  Since not all the source systems will be retired hence there are high chances that data quality problems may be identified and may also require rectifying.  You also need to monitor the data quality and ongoing improvements to the new system.


May 22, 2018 7:16 am

PrestaShop 1.7 and Menu Addition module

You must be all aware about PrestaShop 1.7 and how to add a category in it. In this article we will try to discuss how we can actually add categories in the website’s main menu. For your learning we will try to display categories in drop down by utilizing the default Main Menu Module.

As a first step you need to login in the admin panel. Once logged in you need to navigate in the Sell section for:

“Catalog -> Categories”

You can see that here we have 2 different categories i.e. New Category and Women. The frontend is displaying only the Women Category.

Naturally now we will add the New category which is also home to a subcategory in our drop-down menuAll of our actions will take place in the PrestaShop Mega Menu module of PrestaShop (Default). Hence we need to search it in the Improve Section:

“Modules -> Modules & Services -> Installed Modules”

For easy finding it is recommended that you should utilize search

In order to set up the module for Menu you need to select the Configure Option

Here we can easily find both the available items as well as the selected items. You need to select your New Category in this list and once selected; click on the Add Button. Once clicked, the item will be added in the left field.  You can make use of the position buttons for the specification of the item’s position.

There may arise a situation in which you may want to delete an item which you think is not necessary. Getting the item removed from the Menu involves no rocket science at all rather you just need to click the Remove Button.  Keep saving the changes!

The New Category will automatically get displayed in the Drop down Menu.  So far everything looks great:

If you want to add CMS categories in the drop down then for this you need to first of all create a CMS category by yourself.  Follow this in the section of Improve:

Design -> Pages

For creating the category click Add New CMS Category

It is mandatory that you should fill all the important fields. The URL field which is friendly gets completed automatically as per the name of your category.

Once this is done you need to develop the CMS Page (new) in the category. This task is very easy and all you need to do is to click the relevant button which is “new CMS page button”. Fill the required fields after clicking this button


The displayed status needs to be changed to yes. This is important for the visibility of the page. Click on the Save Button and the new category will be added in the drop down menu.

All is done now. It is preferable that you should audit on the changes that have been applied as far as the frontend is concerned.  You can add as much items you need to and modify the menu (drop down) as per your desire.

Just Do It

If you are new to PrestaShop then the above mentioned process may be difficult for you in the beginning. However you do not need to worry as the first step is always difficult. You can follow the pictures above and we hope that you will be successful!










March 5, 2018 8:04 am

5 reasons to Increase Sales with Live Chat Software

There are many live chat programs that you can get on the PrestaShop website. Each and every program is different in some way or the other and each claims to be the best in the business. However, that is not something that matters to your customer as they just want to get the best product or services. Live chat can be converted into profitable sales if the right techniques and methods are used. You cannot just get away by adding a live chat button on your website and do nothing else. There are many things that you should do in order to make the most of live chat software.


The Best reasons

Live chats are considered to be a great sales opportunity that is why below you will find 5 of the best things about live chat software and why they are beneficial.

1.      Convenience

When you are a business owner then you need to care about the customers at all times. You should know what methods are convenient for the customers and use only those methods. Live chats fall into the same category as they provide the customers an easier way to communicate with your service. With the help of live chats, the customers are able to ask their questions directly to a representative. In this way the customers are able to get immediate answers to their problems.

High-quality live chat software programs have a lot more useful features. These include features like sound and visual alerts about new messages. Some programs even educate you about the customer’s interest through machine learning so that you are able to help the customer much easily.

2.      Immediate Solutions

The reason why most PrestaShop owner prefer using live chat boxes to solve their problems is the fact that they provide a quick way to do things. With the help of these PrestaShop chat programs, people are able to ask their questions in real time and get solutions for those problems very easily. Live chat PrestaShop are able to save a lot of time because otherwise you would be spending that time to send emails to the website and wait for the reply.

However, with the help of live chat boxes customers able to get immediate answers to their questions which is far more convenient.

3.      Sale Opportunities

Other than being used for just answer questions for customers and consumers, live chat boxes can also be used to increase sales. Most people do not use live chat boxes up to their full potentials, however the truth is that these programs are highly useful to increase sales.

You can use PrestaShop slider to show your special products or discounts, It can make a chance to sale opportunities.

This is because if you hire a professional sales rep then they can easily use these chat boxes to increase your sales by promoting products and discounts. A good sales rep will be able to tell customers about the latest and greatest deals in real time and compel the customers to go and buy some of the best things that you have to offer.

4.      Confidence Booster

Live chat boxes can also boost the customer’s confidence in the product that they are willing to buy. If these chat boxes did not exist then the customer’s would not have a proper way to persuade themselves to buy a certain product and they might end up leaving that product. So, if you use the chat boxes properly then you can accomplish much more.

Besides, you should start a blogging. In a blog content, let’s show the best feature with some image. It is the other way tho confidence booster.

5.      Improve Overall Business

Considering the potential of live chat software, it is safe to say that these programs can easily change and improve your business. These boxes can increase sales, inform customers about the latest products and much more, all this is important to improve business.


These were 5 of the most important benefits of live chat programs that you should know. Each and every website should use live chat boxes if it can improve the business.


February 10, 2018 3:05 am

Tips To Start A Blog

BesidesStarting a blog is not as complicated as many people think it is. It is true that coming up with an idea for a blog requires a bit of thought, but even then it is not something that is impossible. All you need to do is follow some simple steps that will help you build your blog step by step. Blogging is not a very difficult task but it can become more difficult if you do not take it seriously. If you fail to follow the steps then it will be very difficult for you to blog in the future. Below you will find all the important steps that you need to know and need to follow to start blogging.

The Tips

Following are the tips that you need to know before starting a blog:

1.      Domain and Hosting

Before you can start to think about what your next blog is going to be about, it is first important to get a domain. For this you can visit any reliable domain website and register a suitable domain for your website. There are many hosting providers than you can use for this purpose and one of them is Bluehost. This is because there are many advantages that come with it, for one you do not need to setup WordPress as it does it all for you.

2.      Theme

Choosing the perfect them is the next step. A theme gives your blog a more appealing look and feel which will help to attract readers. By using a theme you can make sure that your blog looks exactly the way you want it to look. Themes are more helpful especially if you are not a coder, if you are just a beginner then you can choose to get free themes and get the job done and then you can choose to move to paid versions

Besides choosing a perfect theme, you can choice a PrestaShop slider module, it can helps you make a professional website.

Themes normally have two parts, one is the framework and the other is the child theme. If you are using PrestaShop then you can find many theme frameworks, however, one of the best ones is Genesis. With the help of Genesis you can have a strong framework for you blog. After this you can move on to the beauty of your blog and you customize it according to your own liking.

3.      Modifications

After you have acquired your domain, hosting and theme then don’t think that the job is done because there are much to be done. You now need to start making some modifications and tweaks to the theme so that you can have exactly what you want. After are done with the modifications then you can setup Freeburner account so that people who visit your blog can easily subscribe to your blog. Google Analytics is a helpful tool in this regard as you can track your stats.

4.      Plugins

Choosing the right plugins is totally up to you and you alone need to decide what you need and what you don’t. If you are using PrestaShop then you will certainly need the Google Analytics plugin because it will help you with the stats. You can also choose to use include Facebook and Twitter share button plugins so that your users can easily share your blogs among their friends.

Installing plugins is not a difficult task especially when you are working with PrestaShop. However, deciding the most useful plugins is difficult. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that you do not over populate your blog with too many plugins because that will make your blog lose its essence.

The best choice for your PrestaShop site is PrestaShop Blog – the module is integrated Google Analytics plugin, Facebook, Twitter share… With only this module, you can create the pro blog post.

5.      Phenomenal Content

Blogs are all about the content that is why the future of your blog depends on the quality of the content that you upload. However, first you need to start with content for the webpages like About Page, Contact Page, Home Page and more. The content on these pages needs to be absolutely prolific because it will be used to attract readers.

To start with content for the webpages, you can take some minutes to research:”PrestaShop: A Basic Guide to Editing of Home Page Content!

After this you need to start thinking about the topics then you need to write about and educate people about. Make sure that everything that you write is immersive and encaptivating so that readers enjoy reading it.


These were some of the most important tips that you need to know about starting a blog.