The Most Effective Instagram Shopify Strategy You Can Use

If you have a Shopify store but no Instagram account, your e-commerce store might actually be lagging behind competitors. Stores who do use the power of Instagram can get through to a larger audience and therefore increase their business. Instagram has around 800 million active users each month, this says a lot about how many people you can reach out to through this social media platform. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right now, but it is not just used for posting new photos from your vacation. Instead, businesses are using it to grow their brand.

According to stats, over 70% of the businesses in the United States use Instagram. Even if you do have an Instagram account for your store, your job is just getting started. Marketing your brand on Instagram is a serious business and you are going to need a proper strategy if you want to get anywhere at all. Here you will find certain things that you need to know to create a better Instagram Shopify strategy.

Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to your Instagram Shopify strategy you need to understand who your audience is. If you want to pinpoint your target audience, you need to first look at your business from the customer’s point of view. You need to build a proper customer profile and learn more about your customers. This includes their interest, age and more.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Believe it or not, but your competitors on Instagram can be a very valuable resource. This is because if you look at your competitor’s activity you can see exactly what approaches are more rewarding and which ones aren’t. You should learn how they engage with their audience and what kind of content they are actually posting.

Profile Optimization

Your Instagram profile acts as a homepage and it makes a lasting impression on your customer. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you try to make your profile as relevant as possible. When you are building a company profile, you should use the company logo as the profile picture. The Bio only allows you to use 150 characters, so make sure that you make it count.

Be Authentic

You need to understand that Instagram is not a place to post links to your website and if you share your website link you will not leave a good impression on the user. You need to make sure that whatever you post on Instagram lets the user think that you are an authentic business who is selling the right products. It is important to gain the user’s trust if you want to succeed through Instagram.

Pick a Style

When you are posting ads on Instagram, you need to make sure that you stand out. Everyone on Instagram is positing their own ad and that is why you need to bring something different to the table. When you are creating posts for your business, you should make sure that you select when design aesthetic and style and stick to it. All of your future posts should be based on that style so that users know that this post belongs to your business.

How Frequently You Post?

You need to make sure that you find the right balance of posts on Instagram. If you start to publish too many posts you might end up annoying the user. This is not something that you want and that is why finding a balance is so important. You should also not post too little that your users forget that you even exist. You should not post more than twice a day, if you go overboard you might frustrate your user.

Social login integration

Allow your customers to login to your Shopify store using their social account, Shopify Social Login App is one of must-have feature you need to do for your website. Social login will keep your website synchronized with social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Tag All of Your Posts

Hashtagging is very important and you need to make sure that you are creating the right hashtags. When you are creating hashtags you should be creative and come up with something fun and engaging. You should also use existing and trending hashtags to make the most of your Instagram posts.

Link Your Instagram Feed with Your Store

You should allow your users to get to your Instagram feed through your store and this is why you need to embed it. Doing this will help your company’s influence and give the impression that your store is connected to the world. Gaining more followers on Instagram is very important and by following this step you can do just that.

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