The PrestaShop Slider Module

The Slider Module

The PrestaShop slider module is home to more than 100 pre-made 3D, 2D and CSS3/HTML5 animation effects.  The module has unlimited colors with more than 500 fonts. The slider Pro without doubt is the best visual drop and drag slideshow developer module currently available in the market.

The Unique qualities

Slider Pro is home to some exceptional qualities. These qualities actually define what the product can actually do for you. The qualities have been discussed in the headings mentioned below

1.      Beautiful design

The Slider Pro is home to both modern and stunning designs. Your website becomes highly attractive after the utilization of slider Pro. While using this application you can add more than 100 pre made 2D and 3D HTML5 effects pertaining to slide transition in your slider. It is surely one of the most powerful PrestaShop slider modules currently available in the market.

The Slider Pro also contains more than 500 Google fonts; you can select the font as per your choice. The font gets added into the slider by a mere click by you. The good thing is that no coding is required. The Slider Pro is also home to numerous color combinations.

2.      The best Layered Slider Module

All the elements that can be seen on the Slider Pro are represented in the form of a layer. This representation actually allows you to develop numerous kinds of stunning and interactive sliders.

3.      Ease of Use

The backend interface of Slider Pro is designed in such a way that anybody can use it without much of a difficulty. The backend is so easy to use that even without reading the guidelines you can operate it with ease.  The backend has been developed by Ajax and jQuery which facilitate you to quickly develop a wonderful slider just by dropping and dragging elements into your desired positions.

4.      A Responsive Slider

The Slider Pro is highly responsive when it comes to end-user screen. The screen can be of any size and type.  The mobile view has been so carefully crafted that your customer can see the entire slider with ease even if the screen is too small. The feature is not there in other available PrestaShop modules.

5.      Performance

Slider Pro has been optimized in such a way that it is well ensured that it can be loaded promptly when one of your clients arrives on site homepage.  The development of Slider Pro is done by advanced technology which helps in its smooth operation both on backend as well as the front end; it does not matter even if your slider is complex.

6.      Import and Export!

All of the slider content can be exported and imported through a single click. The import and export feature actually helps you in the development of your slider backup. The feature helps you in the effective transferring of content from one webpage to another. Through this feature you can also get the slider integrated with software (3rd party).

7.      A Flexible Module

The Slider Pro can be integrated in all kinds of PrestaShop websites.  It does not matter whether the given website use a custom theme or not. Due support is also given to Custom CSS usage. The default features can be extended since Slider Pro has been coded perfectly.

8.      Multi-Media

The Slider Pro offers a HTML layer (custom) which means that you can utilize any kind of content on the PrestaShop Slider.  Common example of this content is Google maps, photos, audios and videos.  The multimedia content enhances the attractiveness of the slider.

9.      SEO

The front end of the Slider Pro is well optimized and is equipped with all the modern day SEO standards. Such a wonderful SEO helps you in reaching the top rank pertaining to your website in the search engine.

10. Languages

The Slider Pro is compatible with all the languages. The application even supports RTL languages such as Syriac, Arabic and Hebrew.  On the RTL layout both the backend and frontend content can be displayed. Switching between LTR and RTL is also possible.

The Main Features

Now looks at some of the major features which Slider Pro offers to you:

  • slider dimensions (Custom)
  • drag & drop slider module
  • easy export and import of slider data
  • multi layered application
  • custom color choices are many
  • the home page slider is responsive
  • The RTL layout is well supported

A Perfect offering for your customers

If you want your major services and products to stand out then it is recommended that you should go for Slider Pro.  The application will attract the customers towards your webpage.  A customer will only stay on your webpage if he or she finds it stunning and dynamic. Subsequently if customers spend more time on your website then chances are that they will become long term and trusted clients.

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